The Matrix Roofing System

In our current never ending sea of rain, rain and more rain, those of us with flat roofs are finding it increasingly difficult to ensure their waterproof credentials. Whether you are looking for something to be used as part of a home improvement or are looking for the right product for any flat roofed new build homes, loft conversions or just any general roofing issues, then there is a new product on the market that may be able to provide an answer – The Matrix Roofing System.

Originally developed for use in ship building (and our current somewhat damp weather often makes it feel like we are living under the sea, even if we are in !), the Matrix Roofing System uses GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) a.k.a. fibreglass to provide an amazing new solution for ensuring the durability and functionality of flat roofs.

Amongst the many advantages of this product is its lifetime expectancy; during testing the product has shown ‘no deterioration’ of infrastructure or performance throughout the testing period. In fact many of the original GRP products first made in the 1940’s are still going strong today, and obviously the technology has considerably moved on since then.

The second great advantage to the Matrix Roofing System is that once installed it is entirely maintenance free. When installed by a specialist company, such as in , the GRP is laid in one continuous sheet with no joints or seams, meaning that there are no avenues open to water ingress.

Also from its roots in marine technologies this roofing system is considerably lighter than traditional roof tiles, again making it ideal for any type of roof, especially flat roofs.

Not only are there the considerable construction advantages of using the Matrix Roofing System, but there are also positive financial and environmental implications, namely resulting from its extreme durability. A product that has a lifetime wear guarantee and is maintenance free means significantly decreased costs across the lifetime of the roof, with no money having to be spent on repairs or reroofing. Also the one off installation results in a lowered carbon footprint than could be expected over the lifetime of a traditionally tiled roof e.g. the manufacturing and waste implications of having to again either repair or re-roof.

For more information on choosing the new Matrix Roofing System from specialist installers at competitive prices, contact R.O Allum & Sons.